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Getting money on the Internet is not always easy, and not necessarily difficult. if we are good at reading the odds surely the money will flow by itself into your account. here I will try to recommend:

  1. Software, applications and anti virus 
Applications made: that we are taught to make an application yourself with the help of a software, this refers to the increasingly complex needs who with high mobility. Anti-virus: can reduce crime in cyberspace. Money Transfer: This refers to people who send money via Shoot Message messages. Email, like payments via mobile, this service has more traction in developing markets, Location-based services: location-based devices such as Global Positioning System (GPS) will become increasingly popular in the future.Search Engines: Search engines on mobile phones is not new, but on a mobile platform, it may get increased again. Mobile Browsing:, browsing capabilities on mobile phones are now only 60 percent. Mobile Health Monitoring: The latest technology still needs time to develop markets, Payments via Mobile: Such transfers via mobile phones, such payments are also growing faster change. Mobile Advertising: Also not new but growing fast in mobile advertising is one of the most important ways to make money on mobile content. Mobile Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging Gartner said the market is conducive to having a future. Mobile Music: If you have an iPhone, would become the norm. There are a few excerpts taken from Andy Shen, research director at Gartner
 2.  Internet business, and related services  
If life was more complex and higher mobility in the future is certainly not one of them   not to use     your technology, including Internet, telephone, TV, so of course,  business services, networks and  services is becoming more popular in the future.
  3. Internet TV 
Refers to the use of the Internet is increasingly high-paced and want to do something easy, fast, and hard to be left a single moment, of cable TV networks, or parabola antenna is not efficient, so of course the Internet will be popular TV network in the future 
4. Health and insurance 
The flurry of incredible health will be the focus and attention in the future, so that health care services will become a place of innovative and promising business opportunities. 
5. online marketing 
The increasingly popular use of the Internet, it is definitely servant marketing services and online promotion will occupy a sweet position in society is supported by the level of security services that promise / not a scam. 
6. online banking / online Payments 
To meet the above market guidance, of course, we need Online payment service that is easy, safe and efficient so that the process of buying and selling online easier. 
7. delivery of goods 
In the business of buying and selling online is not spared from the service delivery / courier, so that consumers purchased goods that have been going up in its place. This will also be a promising business opportunity in the future. 
8. Management consulting, science and law 
An increasingly complex business competition can not be avoided from the risk of business failure, loss of money, fraud and even problem law, so that these services also enliven the business
9. Arts, entertainment and recreation   10. Blogger 
Although now less popular blogs, but the future that will come will be popular, which will pop-blogger  to market their works, products, services and others.

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